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Hard Drive Marine (HDM) is owned by its founder Tom Day, who has been manufacturing for the bicycle, motorcycle, and aluminum boat industry for more than 30 years.


Since 2007, HDM has produced 60+ boats for various industries, including commercial fishing, law enforcement, Native tribes, construction, research, and recreation.


In 2012, HDM saw the need for a better marine transport design. Modern improvements have since resulted in four patents, and a next-generation landing craft that allows for rapid ship to shore load and unloading capabilities while providing unmatched speed and stability in rough seas.

The most common question we get is about cost. If you are shopping for the lowest price for a high-speed aluminum landing craft, we are most likely not going to be your first choice. We build only 4 to 5 boats annually that are cut and built by hand by our professional team of craftsmen. Many production-based builders offer a lineup of models with a list of slightly customizable options. Because we are a custom designer and builder, we want to know the boat that will suit your specific needs. We also offer patented products and technology that will surely make your boat highly functional and uniquely one of a kind. 

Some of the industries that our landing craft are well suited for are: oil and gas, mining and minerals, commercial fishing, construction, utilities, hydroelectric, offshore wind farms, aquaculture, as well as a water taxi, and sea cargo. Our boats are built tough and rugged because we know that over the long life of our hulls the demand could change significantly and we want our boats to be prepared for any mission in the future. 

The buying and building of an aluminum landing craft is a wise investment. Unlike other materials such as fiberglass or steel, Aluminium has far fewer lifetime maintenance costs associated with owning and operating a commercial vessel.  Also, because a landing craft has potential commercial applications, a high resale value will always be maintained; It is not uncommon for an aluminum landing craft to be sold in the used market for more than the original sale price.

Take a look and see what makes HDM uniquely different and how we can help you to accomplish your goals.

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