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Highly Capable Work Boat

HDM delivers a unique line of capable vessels, designed as working service boats, that provide revolutionary features meant to expand capability, improve your readiness profile and response capability while keeping workers safe during spill mitigation and contractor containment services. 

“We didn’t know how much we needed a Hard Drive boat until we got a Hard Drive boat”

High Capacity Contractor Boom deployment

HDM workboats have a high cargo capacity and can be used to easily deploy and retrieve boom, a feat that most boats in our size class cannot accomplish.


High Load Capacity


Rapid Deployment


High Load Capacity


Boom to Bow Anchoring Capability

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Patent Pending State of the Art Boom Cleaning Armature

Over time, contractor boom becomes a habitat for aquatic species that create parasitic drag making the boom inoperable and diminishing its life span. Taking the boom out of service and removing it from the water to clean is a costly process. Labor, industrial insurance, equipment, consumables… it all adds up rapidly. HDM boom cleaning armature can provide significant ROI for this very costly but vital piece of equipment.


Studies have shown that low impact cleaning can significantly extend the life of contractor boom. 

Boom Cleaning Process


Boom type 1 Cleaning


Boom Type 2 Cleaning

To learn more, send us an email or call us at 360.305.0944

Water-Level Work Platform and Reduced Industrial Insurance Exposure

Working over the side of the boat is dangerous, and can lead to injury and medical insurance claims. The patented HDM Maxgate creates a water-level work platform of up to 50 square feet.


State mandated marine industrial insurance can place a heavy burden on any operating budget. With HDM workboats, crew size and exposure can be significantly reduced. The combination of boom anchoring, the water level work platform and the 100% containment feature brings a higher level of safety to the operation, which equals more profit to the bottom line.


Water Level Work Platform

Building a dock in Greenland (Customer-uploaded video)

Building a dock in Greenland 2 (Customer-uploaded video)

To learn more, send us an email or call us at 360.305.0944

100% Boom to Shore Containment

Typical spill boom deployment is accomplished by connecting the boom to a bridal and then connecting that bridal to the stern of the vessel. This leaves a large gap in the containment area between the shore and the boom where the spill can escape. With the HDM landing work boats outfitted with the Maxgate™, the boom can be anchored to the front of the vessel for 100% containment and secure anchoring.

Maxgate Boom Boat Video


No Gap Containment

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Emergency boom anchoring capabilities

HDM landing craft are fitted with hydraulically activated spikes on the Maxgate™ for maneuvering out and back into the water. Maxgate™ spikes provide strong, rapid ‘one-man’ anchoring capabilities for HDM vessels. This feature is crucial when rapid boom deployment is critical. There’s no need to leave the helm station, just drop the door and embed the spikes into the shoreline.


Boom Anchored to Bow

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Unmatched Speed,Stability, and Durability in Rough Seas

HDM’s Aluminum vessels are robust, and provide unmatched durability and stability in rough seas. With HDM, response personnel can rest assured they will have the power to get the job done under harsh conditions and aggressive time constraints.


Sherp High Capacity Load


Rugged Shore Anchoring

To learn more, send us an email or call us at 360.305.0944

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