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FastTrack Build Program

Our unique line of vessels, designed as working service boats, eliminates the need for docking and ferrying on rugged, remote coastlines.
Conventional landing craft have one inherent drawback: to achieve a beach landing they use a low chine and a shallow deadrise to get closer to shore. This design works for loading and unloading but stops the boat from running and performing well at any speed when water conditions are choppy or rough.
We have designed our custom aluminum landing craft to run in ALL conditions and deliver when and where you need it!

No Beach Out of reach


Available Now!   4011 Landing Craft, Ready to finish 

  • Fully welded hull, Ready for power, Ready for systems

  • Acceptable Power range 200HP to 900HP

  • Hydraulics fully plumbed, includes Hydraulic 12v Power Unit, and Dash Controls, Ready for you to hook up power.

  • Battery tray for Two Group27 Cranking Batteries, One House Bank and One Maxgate Battery

  •  Twin Deck Safety Rails for attachment of Maxhelm, allows movement of console to either side or forward and aft as the mission requires

  • Maxhelm Mobile Console, Blank - Ready for your systems, with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rail Clamps

  • Two 2" loom swivel attachments installed in the Maxhelm and in a Deck Venting Box for easy access to connect to the Engine and other Controls. Loom is not included

Hull Materials:

  • Bottom sheets .250” 5086 H116/ 5083

  • Side sheets .190" 5086 H116/ 5083

  • Transom .250" 5086 H116/ 5083

  • Internal ring frames and bulkheads .190” 5052

  • Keel .5" x 4” 5086

  • Extruded items 6061

  • Decking .160” 5052

Price FOB Bellingham, Washington: 192,000 USD

Our Products

Landing craft

We have designed our custom aluminum landing craft to run in ALL conditions and deliver when and where you need it!​

shark walking x8-high.GIF

Our Patented Maxgate Landing System can be optioned onto any of our landing craft designs and offers a host of amazing features.

LC9 Maiden Voyage-high.GIF

Our newest technology makes the helm station totally adaptable, by being able to move the station anywhere on the deck.

More Info
Jax Cab

This patented technology re-configures the deck by moving the cabin for recreational or industrial use. 


"Thank you again for the great job you and your crew did on the skiff. We as a family love it and couldn't be happier with our decision to buy from you and not a competitor. I have already had job offers to use the vessel to transport cargo but have just referred them to you as my company is only intended for recreation."

Anthony L,

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

"From the time I test drove a Hard Drive Marine to the time I took delivery of my very own Hard Drive Marine I knew I made the right decision. Having owned my own, plus operating countless other landing craft before my 3611 HDM, I was very aware of all the downfalls that were associated with high speed... 

Chad M,

Anacortes, Washington


742 Marine Drive, Building 1A

Bellingham WA 98225


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