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High Speed Landing Craft from Hard Drive Marine
We build a very unique line of vessels, designed as working service boats, that eliminate the need for docking and ferrying on rugged, remote coastlines.
All conventional landing craft have one inherent drawback: to achieve a beach landing, they use a low chine, and shallow dead rise to get closer to shore. This design works for loading and unloading but stops the boat from running and performing well with any speed when water conditions are choppy or rough.
We have designed our custom aluminum landing craft to run in ALL conditions and deliver when and where you need it!
Proudly Made in the USA

Our Products



Our latest 2310 custom boat was recently sold for $120,000 and features our patented Maxhelm helm station and Maxgate  landing system.



We have designed our custom aluminum landing craft to run in ALL conditions and deliver when and where you need it!​

Lummi Patrol Boat.jpg


  • Commercial Crabber

  • Commercial Fishing

  • Enforcement Patrol

  • Recreational and Leisure  



Our Patented Maxgate Landing System can be optioned onto any of our landing craft designs and offers a host of amazing features.

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Our newest technology makes the helm station totally adaptable, by being able to move the station anywhere on the deck.

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 10.31.20 AM.png


This patented technology re-configures the deck for recreational or industrial use. 



"Thank you again for the great job you and your crew did on the skiff. We as a family love it and couldn't be happier with our decision to buy from you and not a competitor. I have already had job offers to use the vessel to transport cargo but have just referred them to you as my company is only intended for recreation."

Anthony L., Dutch Harbor Alaska

"From the time I test drove a Hard Drive Marine to the time I took delivery of my very own Hard Drive Marine I knew I made the right decision. Having owned my own, plus operating countless other landing craft before my 3611 HDM, I was very aware of all the downfalls that were associated with high speed... 

Chad M., June 29, 2019


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